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Of the outgoing legislators of the 2013 Delhi assembly, the BJP had the largest number of 30 crorepatis among the 31 elected, as well as the highest number of MLAs with criminal cases registered at 17, according to the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

Of the 28 Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLAs, 12 were crorepatis while three had criminal cases, ADR said quoting from criminal, financial and other background details of MLAs in the 2013 elctions.

Of the eight Congress MLAs, seven were crorepatis, while two had criminal cases against them.

Of all the 70 MLAs clubbed together, 51 were crorepatis and 25 had criminal cases against them.

Of these, 67 were male and only three were female - all from the AAP.

Of the 25 MLAs with criminal cases, 20 declared serious criminal cases like attempt to murder, dacoity and assault against women etc., said ADR.

The average asset per MLA in the Delhi 2013 assembly elections was Rs.10.83 crore, while in 2008, it was Rs.2.94 crore.

The average asset per MLA for the BJP was Rs.12.49 crore, for the AAP it was Rs.1.82 crore and for the Congress, it was Rs.10.25 crore.

A total of 36 (51 percent) of MLAs had educational qualifications equivalent to graduate or above, while 33 (47 percent) MLAs had educational qualification of Class 12 or below.

A total of 18 (26 percent) MLAs were aged 40 or less, while 22 (31 percent) MLAs declared their age to be between 41 and 50 years and 28 (40 percent) were aged between 51 and 70 years.

The Delhi assembly was dissolved in November last year, after the AAP government quit in February after 49 days in office. Elections will be held Feb 7

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