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New Delhi: Among the names revealed by the Central government who figure on the black money list, one has embarrassed both the BJP as well as the Congress.

The Centre on Monday revealed eight names before the Supreme Court – of these five belong to a same family that owns a Goa-based mining company, Timblo Pvt Ltd.

As per reports, NGO Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) yesterday said in a press release citing public documents that the family has been funding both the Congress and the ruling BJP.

In fact, a majority of the funds from the Timbloos have found their way into BJP accounts.

"An analysis of the donations made by individuals and corporates to the National Parties between FY 2004-05 and 2011-12 shows that Timblo Pvt Ltd, whose Managing Director is Radha Timblo, had donated nine times to BJP amounting to a total of Rs 1.18 crores and thrice to INC, amounting to a total of Rs 65 lakhs in seven years," ADR said.

The firm last made reported donations in 2011-12.

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