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8.18 pm: Lodhiya, Timblo had made donations to both Cong and BJP, say reports

Some more skeletons tumbled out of the closet in the black money case. According toNDTV reports black money holders Radha Timblo's company Timblo Private Limited and Pankaj Lodhiya had doneted money to both the BJP and the Congress.

NDTV reports that Timblo donated Rs 1.18 crore to BJP and Rs 65 lakh to the Congress. Meanwhile Lodhiya donated Rs 51,000 to the BJP.

7.22 pm: Govt should avoid 'political titillation', says Congress

Advocating that there was a need to look at the issue with broader perspective, party spokesman Abhishek Singhvi said "Congress' stand is clear and remains unchanged. It is not an occasion for press sensationalisation and political titillation.

"They are the government. They control ministries and departments. They should act....Do not play games."

Replying to questions about names of Congress leaders figuring in the list, Singhvi said "if there is a name, the individual concerned will answer it and it is not proper to take names from the podium of party office".

He said the larger question is where is the 55,000 names as promised by Yoga guruRamdev and tonnes of money projected by them, reported PTI. He dismissed the whole campaign of BJP on the issue of black money as "much ado about nothing".

Wondering whether they have been able to bring back even Rs 55 from the 55,000 names they were claiming, he asked as to why the names have not been made public.

5.39 pm: Steps taken by govt good, but I'm not guilty, says Lodhiya

Denying allegations of holding black money against him, Pankaj Lodhiya told CNN-IBN that he did not know how his name turned up on the list.

"God knows how my name turned up on the black money list. I don't have a Swiss Bank account," Lodhiya said.

However he did say that he was served with a I-T notice earlier. He said that, "I am a simple Gujarati businessman. I have followed all rules and regulations."

But he said that harsh steps taken by the government were good. But he said, "I am not one of them."

4.58 pm: Cong, BJP not revealing all names, alleges Arvind Kejriwal

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal on Monday alleged that the BJP and the Congress were on purpose not revealing big names involved in the black money case.

Addressing the media Kejriwal said, "We had revealed all the three names related to black money disclosed by the government two years ago. We demand action against all the people involved in black money and illegal bank accounts."

He also alleged, "The Congress and the BJP are not revealing all the names in the black money case."

4.05 pm: Nitish Kumar slams Modi govt, says it shows party's 'black mind'

Janata Dal (United) today made a scathing attack on the Narendra Modi government over its affidavit on black money saying it reflected BJP leaders' "black mind" and mocked the party as "Bhrasht Jhoothi Party".

"Kale dhan par BJP ka rukh unke kale maan ko dikhata hai (The approach of BJP on the issue of black money reflects black mind of its leaders)," senior JD(U) and former Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar said on his Facebook account.

He has also lampooned the PM and his predecessor Manmohan Singh through pictures to drive home his point.

"The party which had sought votes in the general election on the issue of corruption and black money during its five month tenure has come out with only three names which also they are not confirming," Kumar, a known rival of Prime Minister Modi, said reacting to the Centre's affidavit before the Supreme Court in the black money case.

"Kya is desh mein kewal teen logo ke pass kala dhan hain (do only three persons in the country have blackmoney)?" he said in his sarcastic comment.

3.55 pm: Ex-UPA minister Preeneet Kaur denies holding overseas account

Former UPA minister Preeneet Kaur after receiving an I-T notice said that she had no overseas bank account in her name.

NDTV reports quoted her as saying, "I strongly deny allegations of holding foreign accounts. I have no account in my name."

3.21 pm: Will have to read affidavit before reacting, says Goa miner Timblo

Goan mining magnate Radha S Timblo, who has been accused by the Centre of stashing black money in Swiss banks, said that she needs to study the government's affidavit to the apex court before commenting.

"I will have to study the affidavit first," she said when asked for her comment, and added that she will give her reaction to the Supreme Court.

Timblo, runs Timblo Pvt Ltd from Goa, one of the many mining companies accused of carrying out illegal mining by the Justice MB Shah commission, which exposed a Rs 35,000 crore illegal mining scam in the state.

2.30 pm: Jethmalani slams govt, says SIT should be probing issue

Senior lawyer and politician Ram Jethmalani has slammed the government over the black money probe saying the Narendra Modi government's approach to the issue was wrong.

Jethmalani told CNN-IBN, "SIT should be probing black money not the government. Why is the government getting involved in the probe?"

2.00 pm: Cherry picking is wrong and irresponsible, alleges Khurshid

Senior Congress minister Salman Khurshid today told CNN IBN that cherry-picking names on the black money list is not only wrong but also immoral. "The government can disclose all the names on the list to the court as per law," asked Khurshid.

The government needs to make it clear tot he public what its responsibility is, Khurshid added. He did, however, agree that legally it is very difficult to name an account holder, unless the person is being prosecuted and taken to court.

The central government on Monday disclosed names of three people, including Pradeep Burman, who are holding bank accounts in foreign countries and are now under the lens of Income Tax authorities.



The names are: Pradeep Burman, Pankaj Chimanlal Lodhiya, and Timblo Private Limited and its director Radha Satish Timblo and others.

The government in an affidavit on Monday said it has no intention to hold back any information or the names it has received from the foreign governments of Indian citizens holding undisclosed accounts in foreign banks.

The government also said that soon after assuming the office it has set up the special investigation team to probe the flight of black money to the tax havens as ordered by the apex court.

1.30 pm: Dabur denies any wrong doing by former executive director Pradip Burman

Dabur, one of India's top consumer goods companies, has said in a statement that Burman's account is legal and that it is "unfortunate" that every foreign account holder is being painted with the same brush.

"We wish to state that this account was opened when he (Pradip) was an NRI, and was legally allowed to open this
account," a Dabur spokesperson said in a statement. "We have followed all the laws and the complete details
regarding the account have been voluntarily, and as per law, filed with the Income Tax Department, and appropriate taxes paid, wherever applicable," he added.

Pradip Burman currently holds no position in the homegrowm FMCG major although he was once a Whole Time Director of Dabur India.

Regretting that there was a lack of differentiation between legal and illegal foreign bank account holders, the
spokesperson further said: "It is unfortunate that every person having a foreign bank account is being painted with the same brush."

"The Burman family is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, and encourage ethical behaviour at all levels," the spokesperson added.

1.00 pm: Dabur stock falls 9 percent 

Shares of Dabur India fell sharply by 9 percent in early trade today after one of its promoters Pradip Burman was named by the government in the affidavit related to black money case filed in the Supreme Court. Reacting to this, Dabur India's stock tumbled 8.98 percent to Rs 196.40 on the BSE. On the NSE, it slumped 8.94 per cent to Rs 196.55. However, later the stock recovered some of the lost ground but was still trading 3.71 percent lower at Rs 207.80 on the BSE at 1300 hours.

I have no Swiss account, says Pankaj Lodhiya

Pankaj Lodhiya also denied any wrongdoing. "I do not have any Swiss account. I have declared all assets and I have not been served any notice," he said today.

More names are likely to be revealed "as and when prosecution is launched".

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