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NEW DELHI: Eight of the 17 political parties that fought the 2013 Delhi elections, including BJP, have not submitted their expenditure statement with the Election Commission. 

According to analysis by Association for Democratic Reforms, the total funds collected by national and regional parties amounted to Rs 169.84 lakh of which 55% or Rs 92.79 lakh was collected by cash, while 45% or Rs 77.05 lakh was collected by cheque or demand draft. 

Incidentally, parties spent far more than they collected. Out of the total expenditure of Rs 281.27 lakh declared by parties, expense of Rs 252.21 lakh (89.67%) was incurred in cheque, while only Rs 7.11 lakh (2.53%) was spent in cash, and Rs 21.95 lakh (7.80%) was remaining unpaid. 

The bulk of the expense 93.09% was spent on publicity, 0.09% on travel expenses and 6.81% on candidates. About Rs 199.16 lakh or 74.61% was spent on media advertisement, Rs 30.75 lakh (or 11.52%) on publicity material and Rs 37 lakh (or 13.86%) on public meetings during the Delhi polls. Congress spent the maximum amount of Rs 150 lakh on media advertisement followed by Rs 8.25 lakh on public meetings while BSP spent Rs 29.22 lakh on publicity materials and Rs 28.75 on public meetings. 

BJP is the only national party not to submit its election expenditure statement to the Election Commission. Total funds collected by national parties like Congress, CPI, CPM was Rs 94.72 lakh. 

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was an unrecognized party at the time of Delhi Assembly elections 2013, and is not required to submit an account of its election expenditure. However, in a letter to the ECI in February last year AAP had requested for a grace period of 15 days to submit its accounts of expenditure. The ECI has not received AAP's election expenditure statement yet, ADR said. 

Of the 12 regional parties which contested in the Delhi assembly elections, only LJP, RLD, SAD and Shiv Sena submitted their election expenditure statements to the Election Commission. 

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