Vicky Nanjappa
New Delhi


The first phase of the Gujarat assembly elections will have 104 candidates with a criminal record, says a data analysed by the National Election Watch.


Assessing the information provided by candidates who had filed their nominations for the first phase of elections on December 13, the National Election Watch stated the following:

Out of the 482 candidates analysed for the 1st phase of elections, 104 candidates or 22 per cent declared criminal cases against them. In the 2007 elections, 23 per cent candidates had declared criminal cases against themselves.

Amongst major parties, every party has given tickets to candidates who have declared criminal cases. 

INC has 27 out of 83 (33%), BJP 22 out of 87 (25%), BSP 7 out of 78 (9 %), JD-U 7 out of 29 (24 %), SP 5 out of 19 (26%), NCP 2 out of 3 (67%) and GPP 21 out of 83 (25 %) candidates with declared criminal cases.

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