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The Central Information Commission’s judgment that political parties come within the ambit of the Right to Information Act is historic and laudable. It will bring transparency to the functioning of the parties and increase the confidence of voters. The judgment will go a long way in strengthening our democratic values.

Approaching the court against the order may prove suicidal for political parties with the nation set to go to the polls in 2014.

Navin Katyal,

New Delhi

At a time when money and muscle power have shattered the common man’s faith in electoral politics, the CIC verdict is a decisive step towards bringing transparency to the electoral system. People will henceforth get to know the sources of party funds.

The fact that most parties are opposed to bringing themselves under the RTI Act shows their half-hearted commitment to transparency and accountability.

Vikas Verma,


Political parties get various benefits from governments like liberal tax concessions, free airtime during elections, security cover for their leaders and security during meetings, processions, etc. Almost all parties have opposed the CIC verdict and may join hands to challenge it in the Supreme Court. The need of the hour is to bring more organisations getting substantial subsidy/aid from the government, and bodies like the BCCI under the purview of the RTI Act.

E.M. Adithyan,


People should be doubly vigilant to ensure that this great opportunity to make political parties accountable is not cruelly snatched away from their hands by the cunning manoeuvres of the political class. Any party that opposes the historic CIC decision in the Supreme Court should be rejected by the people in the elections.

People are supreme in a democracy. By coming under the purview of the Act, the political parties will not surrender their independence to anyone except the people.

S.P. Asokan,


It is amusing to note the objections raised by the Congress on including political parties within the ambit of the RTI Act. Does it not know that nothing will change in spite of the CIC judgment?

For instance, does any candidate belonging to the major political parties spend within the limit stipulated by the Election Commission on polls (Rs 25 lakh for Lok Sabha elections and Rs 10 lakh in the State Assembly elections)?

Nellai Thirumalairajan,


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