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New Delhi, Sept 22: The total funds collected by the major political parties which contested in Maharashtra Assembly Elections in 2009 was Rs 81.07 crores, while parties which contested in Haryana assembly elections collected a total of Rs 69.79 crores.

Total expenditure incurred by the parties which contested in Maharashtra Assembly Elections was Rs 15.74 crores, while parties from Haryana spent a total of Rs 15.87 crores as per a report of the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR).

Expenditure in cash and cheque during Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections

Political parties of Maharashtra spent a total of Rs 59.33 crores by cheque, while the parties of Haryana spent a total of Rs 9.09 crores by cheque.

A total of Rs 8.9 crores was spent in cash by parties of Maharashtra, while Haryana parties spent Rs 6.56 crores in cash

Total funds collected by the national parties during the assembly elections amount to Rs 73.59 crores; total expenditure incurred: Rs 63.53 crores.

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) declared that no funds were collected and no expenditure incurred in Maharashtra during the assembly elections, 2009.

Shiv Sena, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) contested in the Maharashtra assembly elections. Only Shiv Sena submitted its election expenditure statement to the Election Commission. The MNS was an unrecognized party at the time of the elections, and was thus not required by the ECI to submit a statement of election expenditure.

Total funds collected by Shiv Sena for Maharashtra assembly elections was Rs 7.48 crores; expenditure incurred by it was Rs 6.26 crores.

Expenditure incurred in cash and cheque by major parties of Maharashtra during assembly elections:

Out of the total expenditure of Rs 69.79 crores declared by national and regional parties, expense of Rs 59.33 crores (85%) was incurred in cheques, while Rs 8.9 crores (13%) was spent in cash, and Rs 1.56 crores (2%) was remaining unpaid.

Congress declared an expenditure of Rs 26.37 crores by cheque / DD and Rs 8.12 crores in cash, while Shiv Sena incurred expenditure of Rs 5.10 crores by cheque and Rs 0.04 crores in cash.

Expenditure of political parties under various heads:

The main heads under which political parties declare their expenses are publicity, travel, other / miscellaneous expenses and expenditure on candidates.

Political parties of Maharashtra spent 77% of their total expenditure on publicity, 10% on travel expenses, 9% on candidates, and 4% on miscellaneous expenses during the Assembly Elections, 2009.

Political parties spent maximum amount of their expenditure on publicity. Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Nationalist Congress Party, Communist Party of India and SHS declared expenditure under the head of publicity, a total of Rs 61.89 crores.

Congress, CPI and CPM are the only parties which declared expenditure on candidates, a total of Rs 7.3 crores

Expenditure of political parties on Publicity:

There are seven main items listed under publicity expenditure which are:  printed material (manifesto, pamphlets, poster, handbill etc.), electronic media (hiring time slots etc. in private channels), making and distribution of video films, audio cassettes, advertisements in newspapers/magazines/souvenirs, cut-outs, hoardings/banners/flags/arches/gates etc., and others.

Political parties of Maharashtra collectively spent Rs 40.19 crores (or 65%) on advertisement, Rs 15.53 crores (or 25%) on electronic media and Rs 4.58 crores (or 7%) on cut outs, hoardings etc. during Assembly Elections, 2009.

Among the expenditure incurred on publicity, Congress has spent the maximum amount of Rs 14.6 crores on electronic media followed by Rs 6.44 crores on advertisement

Election expenditure of major political parties during Haryana Assembly Elections, 2009

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