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The average of the legislators from Maharashtra, as perceived by voters, is 5.28 on a scale of 10. Further, the average importance of issues was rated as 7.52 on a scale of 10 by voters. However, there is a huge gap between voters’ expectations on governance issues and performance of legislators on those issues.

These are the findings of a Perception Assessment survey — conducted by Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and Daksh — of about 20,000 respondents across 288 Assembly constituencies.

The survey collected demographic information of respondents, along with their ratings on the relative importance of various issues, in the run up to the polls. A list of 35 items was given to the voters to identify their priorities in terms of governance issues like water, electricity, roads, food, education and health.

The survey said security of women (5.2 on a scale of 10), eradication of corruption (4.68 on a scale of 10) and inflation (4.88 on a scale of 10) were the top three issues in Maharashtra, as perceived by voters. The performance of legislators on these top issues was below average, rating 6 on a scale of 10.

On voting behaviour of people in the state, the survey notes more importance was given to trustworthiness of a candidate (86.84 per cent), followed by the candidate (82.72 per cent), candidate’s party (75.82 per cent), the party’s chief ministerial candidate (66.10 per cent), candidate’s caste/religion (28.59 per cent) and distribution of money, liquor and gifts (18.73 per cent).

According to ADR-Daksh, the purpose of this survey was to highlight voter priorities so that they are reflected in the election agenda and manifestos of political parties. And, so that electoral debates are on voter issues rather than agenda imposed by parties.

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