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Report by Odisha Diary bureau, Bhubaneswar: BJD Lok Sabha MP Prasana Patasani ranked as best 8th MP in all over India as per the best rated MPs list which published in The Times of India. This date was revealed by Association for Democratic Rights (ADR). 
The Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has conducted the largest ever survey in India with over 250,000 respondents in 530 Lok Sabha constituencies. The larger purpose of the survey is to highlight voter priorities so that elections in future are fought on voter issues, and more importantly, the manifestos of future Governments reflect voter priorities.
In Odisha, the purpose of the survey was multi-fold:
To Rate MPs from the state on a Scale of 10
To know Top 10 pressing issues for voters in the state
To know voting behaviour of people
To know what is the role of caste, religion, crime and money power in elections
The findings of the survey:
Rating of MPs: The voters have rated the performance of MPs as Good, Average or Bad on governance issues like employment, water, electricity, roads, food, education and health.
The average performance rating of 21 MPs from Odisha is 5.93 on a scale of 10. Only two MPs from Odisha have per formed above average (Average Value of Performance = 6.67 points).
The highest scoring MP from Odisha is Prasanna Kumar Patasani of BJD from Bhubaneswar constituency with 7.95 points(Above average). On 2nd position is Pinaki Misra of BJD from Puri constituency with 7.60 points(Above average)and on the 3rd position Yashbanta  Narayan Singh Laguri of BJ Dfrom Keonjhar constituency with 6.61 points. The lowest scoring MP from Odisha is Mohan Jena of BJD from Jajpu r constituency with 4.49rating.
The survey has also tried to identify the gap between voters’ expectations on governance issues and performance of MPs on those issues. If the expectation of voters score is more than the performance score it means voters are unhappy. And if expectation of voters score is less than the performance of MPs then voters are actually happy. 
Only 2MPs from Odishahave exceeded the expectation of people.
Please see the Table I (A) for individual performance rating of all the MPs from Odisha.(While ‘Performance of MP’ column shows the actual rating of MPs, the ‘Expectations of voters on Governance issues’ column shows people’s expectations from their MPs on a scale of 10) Table I (B)is the graphical representation of ‘Performance Ratings of MPs by Voters on Important Issues’.
Top 10 pressing issues for voters. To identify what are voter priorities in terms of governance issues like water, electricity, roads, food, education and health, a list of 30 items was given to voters and they were asked to rate whether a particular issue was High, Medium, or Low. This list was comprehensive as less than 5% said that there were “other issues” beyond the list.
In Odisha, Drinking Water, Better Roads and Better Hospitals/ Primary Healthcare Centres are the Top 3 issues about which people are most concerned.

Please seeTable II to know the overall 10 most pressing issues for the people of Orissa which they want their MPs to focus on, Table III for top 10 issues in rural areas of the state andTable IV to know top 10 issues in urban areas.

S.No.Nameof the ConstituencyPartyName of MPPerformance of MPImportance of Issues for VotersAveragePerformance
118-BhubaneswarBJDPrasanna Kumar Patasani7.958.81AboveAverage
217-PuriBJDPinaki Misra7.607.46AboveAverage
34-KeonjharBJDYashbanta Narayan Singh Laguri6.619.25BelowAverage
412-NabarangpurINCPradeep Kumar Majhi6.488.40BelowAverage
52-SundargarhINCHEMANAND BISWAL6.376.51BelowAverage
66-BalasoreINCSrikanta Kumar Jena6.275.89BelowAverage
719-AskaBJDNityananda Pradhan5.949.49BelowAverage
811-KalahandiINCBhakta Charan Das5.859.19BelowAverage
915-KendraparaBJDBaijayant Panda5.817.02BelowAverage
1020-BerhampurBJDSidhant Mohapatra5.776.98BelowAverage
113-SambalpurINCAmarnath Pradhan5.778.66BelowAverage
121-BargarhINCSanjay Bhoi5.737.54BelowAverage
139-DhenkanalBJDTathagata Satpathy5.707.53BelowAverage
1421-KoraputBJDJayaram Pangi5.667.88BelowAverage
157-BhadrakBJDArjun Charan Sethi5.617.39BelowAverage
1614-CuttackBJDBhartruhari Mahtab5.578.12BelowAverage
1716-JagatsinghpurCPIBibhu Prasad Tarai5.478.10BelowAverage
1813-KandhamalBJDRudra Madhab Ray5.378.18BelowAverage
195-MayurbhanjBJDLaxman Tudu5.297.69BelowAverage
2010-BolangirBJDKALIKESH NARAYAN SINGH DEO5.168.52BelowAverage
218-JajpurBJDMohan Jena4.498.87BelowAverage
 Odisha  5.937.98 

Table –I (A)

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