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BANGALORE: Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR), which is keeping a close watch on political candidates contesting for Lok Sabha elections released a report on the analysis of the difference in the declarations made by political parties and their MPs on the lump-sum amounts granted and received as part of election expenditure during the Lok Sabha elections in 2009. 

The report states that a total of 388 MPs' expenditure statements were analyzed. And out of 277 MPs from national parties, a total of around Rs 7.46 crores was declared by 75 MPs as received from their parties but the national parties have declared that around Rs 14.19 crore) was given to 138 MPs. 

A total of around Rs 3.45 cr was given by INC to its 33 Ministers. 22 Ministers have declared they received no amount while only 4 have declared the same amount as their party's declaration. 

ADR has demanded that details of the donors such as their names, companies, address and the individual contribution should be made available for public scrutiny. 

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