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New Delhi:  The first phase of elections in the country will begin on 7th April in Assam and Tripura. A total of 64 candidates will be contesting for the 6 Lok Sabha constituencies.
A detailed report released by Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) details the financial and criminal background of all the 64 candidates.
Criminal cases
The report points out that out of the 64 there are 6 candidates have 8 criminal cases registered against them. Three of these 6 candidates have serious criminal cases against them, including rape and murder.
Hariprasad Dihingia of AGP from Lakhimpur Constituency, Assam and Subal Bhowmik an Independent candidate from Tripura West constituency, Tripura have the highest number of cases registered against them under the IPC, four each.
Bhowmik also has a case related to attmept of murder against him. He is also charged for rioting, armed with a deadly weapon, under IPCsection-307.
Moni Kumar Subba from Tezpur constituency, Assam has 3 serious cases under IPC registered against him. He is also an accused in a case related to rape (IPC Section 376). Apart from that, he is also accused of forgery, cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property.
Hariprasad Dhingia of AGP from Lakhimpur constituency in Assam is accused with an attempt to wage war against the Government of India. He is also charged with conspiracy and collection of arms, with the intention of waging war against the Government of India, under IPC section 121A and 122 respectively.
The majority of the candidates with criminal cases are independent. Out of the six cases three have been registered against independent candidates. The remaining three cases are registered against AGP, CPI(M) and Indigenous People's Front of Tripura.
Crorepati Club
Out of the 64 candidates contesting in the first phase of the Lok Sabha polls, 16 (25 percent) are crorepatis. Indian National Congress has the highest number of crorepati candidates, i.e. 5.
Two candidates in AITC and AGP each have assets of more than rupees one crore. While, once candidate each from Bjp and Aap are in the crorepati club.
In terms of average assets per candidate of the party, Congress candidates lead the tally with Rs. 4.10 crores. Surprisingly, AAP with only once member in the crorepati club has an average asset value of Rs.1.20 crore.
Moni Kumar Subba from Tezpur leads the pack with a total asset value of more than Rs. 306 crores. He is followed by Ranee Narah from Lakhimpur constituency, Assam with assets worth Rs. 8 crore and 6 lakhs. He is closely followed by Hariprasad Dhingia, again from Lakhimpur, with asset of Rs. 8 crore and 5 lakhs.
Hrishikesh Baruah from Lakhimpur has the lowest amount of asset totaling 9,000 rupees. He is contesting as an independent candidate.
He is followed by Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Kaliabor, Jinti Gogoi. The AAP leader has total assets worth Rs. 42,000.
Apart from assets, the candidates have also declared their liabilities. Subba leads the race here as well with total liabilities stretching the Rs. 140 crore mark. 
Navjyoti Kalita, AITC candidate from Dubrugarh, has liabilities worth more than Rs. 3 crore.
Only 59 % of the candidates have declared their IT return. Renee Narah from Lakhimpur has shown the highest amount of Income Tax- Rs. 30,50,390. Subba has shown IT return of Rs. 26,51,095.
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