The Times of India
Pradeep Thakur
New Delhi

The richest man to enter the Rajya Sabha in the just concluded elections, Vijay Mallya, has in his sworn affidavit claimed he does not own a house but his net worth is a staggering Rs 615 crore. Mallya said he had a 1989 model Ferrari he bought for Rs 25 lakh.

Like Mallya, environment minister Jairam Ramesh said he does not have a house and his wealth is a modest Rs 62 lakh. Ramesh is clearly the odd man out considering 78% of the 55 candidates just elected to the RS have assets of Rs 25 crore on average.

Kanwar Deep Singh of the JMM from Jharkhand is among the top three crorepatis with assets of Rs 83 crore, following behind Y S Chowdary of the TDP from Andhra Pradesh, who has declared assets of Rs 190 crore.

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