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The Aam Aadmi Party led by Arvind Kejriwal may have made an impressive debut in Delhi, but fellow activists from his RTI days remain unconvinced. On Monday, as the Association of Democratic Reforms announced its report card for the newly-elected Delhi MLAs, RTI activist Subhash Aggarwal, while calling for the right to reject, said Kejriwal may be good, but the same could not be said for all members of his party. He had to be reminded by ADR founder member Jagdeep Chokhar that the platform was not to be used to talk about individual political parties. Dev Ashish Bhattacharya, who was also Kejriwal's fellow RTI activist, has sent out mass SMSes asking whether Kejriwal's "ambitions" would get the better of his political party, and whether AAP would accept support from the Congress.

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