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New Delhi
According to a latest study conducted by the National Election Watch and the Association of Democratic Reforms, next month’s general elections in India will see a number of candidates with criminal backgrounds contesting for a seat.

The study says that India’s two major national parties, the Congress and the BJP are fielding criminals as their candidates. About third of them have pending criminal charges. Some are even accused of murder, kidnapping and rape. Only those who have charges proved against them are barred from elections. This comes as Indian judiciary is clogged with pending cases, with most of them involving politicians dragging on for decades. Political parties are accused of ignoring the law in many cases. The political parties accused of having candidates with criminal charges say the accusations are politically-motivated attempts by their opponents. The latest study has not included new Aam Aadmi Party, the AAP which is seen as a common mans party originated from a long nationwide anti-corruption campaign. Observers say things should change immediately and that unless the big political parties reform themselves, criminals will always have their way

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