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The Election Commission's efforts to help those whose names were missing from the electoral roll this year met with tepid response on Sunday.

The two day special summary revision concluded on Sunday but with rath yatra coinciding with it, turnout on the day was poor in almost all the booths in the state.

Under secretary cabinet election department AN Ambashtha said that the actual response of electors to the campaign taken up by commission for including names and corrections would be assessed only when the reports are compiled and a final list is published by July 31.

While the CEO office made efforts to launch awareness campaign ahead of the special summary revision launched on June 9 the participation of civil society was bleak.

State coordinator National Election Watch Sudhir Pal admitted that the way campaign was undertaken ahead of the general Lok Sabha elections 2014 was missing this time. "We were practically not involved in any awareness campaign to ask the electors to come up to the booths for inclusion of names or getting their names and addresses corrected," he said.

EC had mandated that a notice informing people whose names have been deleted earlier will be dropped at their residences with a Form-6 attached to it to enable the said person to fill the application form immediately.

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